Alaskan Bushwheels and Alaska Tundra Tires

Oversize tires provide more shock absorption and more ground clearance for off airport operations than traditional light airplane tires. Whether landing on soft or rocky “runways” these tires increase capabilities and safety margins at they same time they reduce the wear and tear on the airplane.

Hitchcock Aviation offers couple of choices in these super-sized tires: 8.50x10 and 29 inch tires that are mounted on 10 inch wheels or the airbag like Alaskan Bushwheels (26”, 29”, 31” and 35” tires) mounted on 6” wheels. These wheels are not just for Supercubs, Huskys, Maules and Skywagons!

Alaska Tundra Tires or Alaskan Bushwheels are a great combination with the Airglas Nose Fork on a tricycle geared Cessna. Tundra Tires or Bushwheels on the mains and an 8.50x6 mounted under an Airglas Fork will help turn your Cessna into an off road, on the beach, machine.

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